Sit-Stand Monitor Arm - Single Screen

Equip your desk with a versatile monitor arm. Your body will thank you.

Sit-Stand Monitor Arm - Single Screen
Sit-Stand Monitor Arm - Single Screen Sit-Stand Monitor Arm - Single Screen Sit-Stand Monitor Arm - Single Screen Sit-Stand Monitor Arm - Single Screen

? Choose whether to attach it to your desk or to be screwed onto a wall
? Select a color for your monitor arm
? Choose either a single-arm (no extension) or with an extension arm and elbow
Wall Mount / Black Accent / No Extension is IN STOCK
Delivered to your door in 3-5 business days
$ 69.99 $ 241.98

The world's best sit/stand monitor arm (just got better!)

The Miracle Desk monitor arm is designed specifically to optimize the productivity of people that stand at work. Now it is sleeker, smoother, more precise and expandable! To optimize the sit/stand lifestyle, you want to quickly shift from sitting to standing and position your monitor precisely in the right ergonomic position. Don't settle for an arm without full range of motion and NEVER crane your neck to see your screen!

Ergonomically correct

The Miracle Desk monitor arm provides a full range of motion and precise positioning to ensure proper ergonomics to maximize comfort and minimize eye, neck and back strain. Imagine how your productivity will skyrocket when you can instantly adjust your monitor to the most comfortable position for sitting or standing. With a touch of your finger, you can move your monitor up or down a full 14” to switch from sitting to standing. Use the premium quick-adjust lever to get another 12” of vertical range. A full 360° motion lets you switch from landscape to portrait orientation. 90° tilt means you can point your monitor at the ceiling or floor, and 180° swivel means you will always face your monitor head-on, even with 2 screens. You can adjust the top of your monitor from 12” up to 39” above your desk (for a 12’ high monitor), so even if you are 6’4” you can stand and view your screen comfortably.


Add a second screen, mount to a wall, add a laptop holder whenever you need it. Look for Miracle Desk by Home Concept components for compatible parts.  For even more range of motion, you can add an extension arm.

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Your monitor arm will work great with the Miracle Desk

Did you know your Miracle Desk monitor arm supports a sit-stand lifestyle? We also support this lifestyle with our highly acclaimed Miracle Desk. It's the perfect companion.

Available in regular height (for up to 6 feet-tall people) and tall (for people over 6 feet height).

Available in a variety of quality woodgrain finishes.

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The ultimate foot-comforting experience

Give your feet a break with our gel-padded comfort mat. Since you'll be standing at your Miracle Desk, we thought of your feet as well. Support comfortable spinal alignment and relieve tension while receiving a gentle foot massage!

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