Premium Monitor Arm Desk Mount Black

Equip your desk with a versatile monitor arm. Your body will thank you.

? Choose whether to attach it to your desk or to be screwed onto a wall
? Choose whether you want to support a single screen or dual screens
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De-clutter your desk with a bracket monitor arm mount for computer pros

Why waste precious desk space, quickly add versatility with adjustable mount, computer ease of use, and a cool look to your boring monitor. Using this arm mounted computer heads up display desk mount, you'll gain a full 360° of motion - and take back your desk from the clutter monster.

Mount computer display for ergonomically correct use

The 360° motion of this arm mounted computer heads up display allows you to switch from viewing in landscape to portrait, and vice versa with ease. 90° tilt means you can tilt your monitor arm can be shift your display from the ceiling to the floor. 

Adjust quickly to work demands with a bracket monitor arm mount that's designed with you in mind. 

Use the quick-release clamp on the monitor arm to instantly adjust the height of your display. (For even more range of motion, add an hydraulic arm MA11BK for more vertical flexibility.)

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Your monitor arm will work great with the Miracle Desk

Did you know your Miracle Desk monitor arm supports a sit-stand lifestyle? We also support this lifestyle with our highly acclaimed Miracle Desk. It's the perfect companion.

Available in regular height (for up to 6 feet-tall people) and tall (for people over 6 feet height).

Available in a variety of quality woodgrain finishes.

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The ultimate foot-comforting experience

Give your feet a break with our gel-padded comfort mat. Since you'll be standing at your Miracle Desk, we thought of your feet as well. Support comfortable spinal alignment and relieve tension while receiving a gentle foot massage!

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