Standing while you work is going to revolutionize your day!

You may not know it yet, but there's a revolution underway in the workplace. Real people in offices all across the country are discovering an easy way to invigorate their day AND boost their health. It's effortless, it doesn't have to cost much, and it's available to everyone.

The giant problem nobody noticed

We're all sitting on a ticking timebomb and we didn't even know it. It's gone unchallenged for decades because nobody realized just how much it was affecting their lives. Suddenly, word is spreading like wildfire that sitting, (one of the most widely accepted aspects of working at a desk) is in fact bad for you. Very bad.

It's not something you might've noticed because you do it so often without question. You don't even realize what you've been doing to yourself! And yet when you sit over and over and over again, every day, it is a problem. A big problem. And we're just starting to learn how far reaching the effects are.

It's as simple as this: if you sit down for hours upon hours, all day, every day, it is proven to be bad for your health. That's right, plain old 'sitting' is affecting your health in a big way. Your energy levels are low, your ability to focus has turned into brain-fog, and your productivity is suffering. And guess what it's doing inside your body?

Sitting is the new smoking

More and more people are working in offices, spending most of their day sedentary and lethargic and wondering why they are always tired, sore, or lacking focus. But this goes further than just making you tired. What it's doing to your health is alarming.

Sitting at work all day is the "new smoking". You thought it was natural and normal but it has major side-effects, and some of those side-effects could be serious. The transition from physical labor to mental labor is a widespread phenomenon and yet, along with it, has come a dirty monster: excessive sitting can promote disease.

It's time to stand up for your health

Alternating between sitting and standing at work is proven to enhance your health and boost productivity. It is capable of decreasing back pain, diminishing neck and wrist pain, and can help with focus and energy. This all leads to an improvement in performance and productivity, not to mention helping you to simply feel better. But these are just a few of the benefits!

Standing while you work actually helps you to live longer, and we're going to tell you why. It can reduce heart disease, lower the risk of cancer, diabetes and other diseases, and help to alleviate depression! These are far from small benefits. A sedentary office-work lifestyle is having an impact on people across the nation and you need to realize just how serious it is!

The solution so obvious anyone can do it

The solution seems simple, and it's already something you do at least some of the time, you just need to do more of it: spend more time standing while you work. That's right, you can counteract many of the dangerous effects of sitting all day by spending more time standing. But there's more to it than simply standing more often, as you'll soon discover.

Yet "standing while you work" is a revolution sweeping the country right now. So much so that new companies are springing up offering options to help you work comfortably while you stand for prolonged periods - such as the Miracle Desk. But before you switch to the standing-to-work lifestyle, we need to tell you some important facts.

You won't want to go back to being a professional sitter after you hear what we're about to tell you!

Your health deserves a boost

You might have "sitting disease". Look what it's doing to your body! 

Who doesn't love to just sit down for a while in a comfy chair? After all, who wants to be on their feet all day. Take a load off! But when you sit down and stay down for a long time, now you're moving into dangerous territory.

Studies have shown that extended sitting starts to build a case against your health. Rest and recovery is good for you too, but it can become too much of a good thing. So much so, that it can directly influence your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other ailments. Being stuck sitting at a desk all week doesn't paint a pretty picture.

Spending the whole day on your butt is asking for ill health, and this is as important for less-active children as it is for working adults. You'll be surprised just how beneficial it can be to spend more time standing!

A risk of heart disease and heart attacks

Standing while working decreases your risk of developing heart disease overall. Standing at your desk or using a sit-stand desk actually decreases your chance of having a heart attack.

In an article from Wired Magazine, Men's Health author Ben Phillips highlights how the research journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that people who "sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of heart attacks." That's a big number, 54%!

Anyone looking to be heart-healthy should seriously consider standing up more of the time and moving around. If you work at a desk, don't just sit all day. You need to increase circulation and put less pressure on your heart. Standing while you work can positively support your health and improve your life expectancy.

Diabetes is influenced by how much you sit

The number of people with diabetes continues to climb at an alarming rate. You could almost call it an epidemic. We don't need more reasons to contribute to this debilitating, life-threatening disease.

Sitting all day lowers your "good cholesterol" and raises your risk of diabetes.

Sitting down, you burn a single measly calorie each minute. That means that if you sit for 8 hours, you burn only 480 calories a day.

When you stand and move you burn at least twice as many calories, without much effort. This helps to reduce the conditions under which diabetes develops.

Standing is also a form of exercise, which can directly assist in lowering blood sugar levels in those with an insulin deficiency, helping to slow the development of diabetes and helping to avoid it in those who are currently healthier.

Sitting causes the disease process

According to Michael Perko a professor at UNC-Greensboro, "When we sit for long periods of time, the enzymes responsible for burning fat shut down. Sitting too much can lower good cholesterol, HDL, and lead to a slower metabolism. In essence, sitting can cause the disease process."

Read that again: "sitting can cause the disease process"!

Not only do we burn less fat and end up building blubber, but sitting around actively lowers our good cholesterol. Good cholesterol helps your body to heal and fight disease. Without it your body's defenses are weakened and you're at a greater risk of invasion.

The good news is, standing more while you work can subsequently boost your good cholesterol and help protect your body. And let's not forget what this also means: standing while you work helps you to burn fat!

Oxygenation is a vital factor in disease prevention

Studies have also shown that a variety of diseases generally are counteracted by an increase in oxygenation. That means your body needs to have a good level of blood circulation in order to carry oxygen to your cells. Cells starved of oxygen are weaker and prone to disease.

It has been shown, for example, that cancer generally grows in an-aerobic conditions.

This means, conditions where there is a lack of oxygen. To put it another way, oxygen kills cancer cells. But getting oxygen to be readily available in your system requires you to have a good amount of oxygen circulating in your bloodstream, and you can't do that well if your circulation is slow. And what makes your circulation slow down? Sitting.

Slow circulation is itself a health problem, affecting many other ailments. Standing up, even for only part of the day, gets your blood flowing better. This will help you to avoid circulation and urinary problems that plague people who sit all day, not to mention decreasing the risk of developing cancer and other serious diseases!

    Standing while you work can help prevent disease

    It should be clear from what we've said so far, that sitting tends to attract, reinforce and encourage disease. It's not just a matter of hanging out in a chair all day because it's comfortable. It is having an effect on your health!

    To help you stand more comfortably we developed the Miracle Desk, which is a simple, affordable, sturdy desk to sit on top of your existing desk. This helps you to be able to stand and work with correct posture and ergonomics, for prolonged periods of time.

    But before you head over to take a look at our desk, there is more you need to know about why you would want to stand instead of sit. It impacts areas of fitness, mental function, emotional well-being, productivity, and even life expectancy!

    But wait a minute, standing up also helps back pain?!

    ...and neck pain, and wrist pain, and...

    Absolutely. The inventor of the Miracle Desk himself was so compelled by the back pain induced by commuting and sitting all day, that he decided to do something about it. He found that by standing for at least part of the day would significantly alleviate his suffering. But he's not the only one.

    Standing can be physical therapy

    The CDC did a study as mentioned in an article at, where "reducing time spent sitting by 224% (standing for 66 minutes per day) reduced upper back and neck pain by 54%, and improved mood states."

    This means that standing at your desk can actually reduce back pain and increase your overall mood. Let's face it, being in pain definitely brings you into the unhappy zone, where you're rather not be.

    Hunching over a desk is going to be a thing of the past!

    Few would complain if their upper-back pain diminished by more than half. And if you have some kind of long-term back-pain issue, standing to work should help alleviate some of your suffering, as well as strengthen you to have less pain when standing in line at the grocery store.

    Real people with back pain chime in to prove it

    We're no the only ones benefiting from standing up to work. And don't just take our word for it. Over 15,000 people have already joined the standing revolution with our Miracle Desk, and their reviews speak volumes.

    And they're not alone. On Amazon there are over 100 reviewers testifying to the benefits of using our standing-desk solutions for a variety of reasons, including pain relief.

    And as if that wasn't enough, we continue to receive customer success stories, all demonstrating that once you've joined the stand-up revolution you won't look back.

    Sitting is causing you pain as well. Why suffer?

    By not sitting ergonomically you continue to hurt your back, neck and wrists. You are slouching, bending, straining, reaching, trying to see your screen, and sitting in a chair that doesn't support you properly. Why sit in pain?

    When you switch to a sit-stand desk you are able to stand correctly, which means your hands, elbows and eyes all line up with the desk and screen you're using in a relaxed way.

    The great thing about standing at your desk is you can use a monitor arm to move your monitor to the exact right position for your eyes. This will reduce the strain on your eyes and on your back and neck as well. No more crane neck, no more hunching and leaning, and no more straining to read - which makes it better for your eyesight too!

    Standing while you work is one of the best ways you can help reduce pain in the body and experience a happier day. But that's not the end of it. There are even more ways standing up will improve your life!

    It's like getting a free workout!

    Burn calories, lose weight, feel great

    A trio of Canada-based researchers analyzed 23 of the strongest active desk studies, and came to an important conclusion.

    They found that the 18 participants who used a standing desk for three months did lose weight. Just by standing at a desk to work, the participants experienced weight loss. Imagine how much this could help you lose excess weight over time!

    The opposite is also true: sitting at a desk every day burns less calories and results in reduced weight loss. Sitting, in combination with certain diets, could also make it easier to PUT ON WEIGHT while you sit all day.

    And if you're actively working out or getting exercise elsewhere, sitting for prolonged periods could actually be working against you - making it easier for your body to store fat. Why cancel out all your hard work? Let standing-up help you lose weight.

    It's good as running on a treadmill

    Standing to work helps you to burn calories. Sydney Trent decided to find out for herself just how much this was true.

    In her article titled "Standing at your desk may energize you, but it also may be tough on your legs", Trent states that for someone her weight you could burn 310 more calories a day!

    Have you ever tried burning 300+ calories running on a treadmill? Try it and see. It takes a long time. And to think all you're having to do is stand there. Isn't it time you joined the standup revolution?

    But that's not all.

    Standing strengthens your core

    Users standing at their desks find that it strengthens their 'core' muscles. These are the muscles supporting your stomach and lower back. Often these muscles are hard to target through typical exercise because they are hidden behind other layers of muscle.

    Standing strengthens your core due to all of the small adjustments your body has to make to maintain balance. You might not think this is much, but it's a constant series of corrections which, over time, conditions your muscles. Your butt (gluteus maximum) also gets a workout, as do all the muscles in your legs. Ultimately this improves your balance and stability.

    And all you have to do is pretty much stand there. It doesn't hurt to move around a bit too, but even if you just stand for a short time you're practically getting a free workout and it barely takes any effort!

    WARNING - sitting negates your workouts!

    Let's face it, working out and getting exercise takes effort. It's good for you, but it's hard work. No pain no gain, as they say. After you've put in all that energy and time, you hardly want to go lose all the benefits. But that's exactly what you do when you sit down all day!

    Professor Marc Hamilton Ph.D from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center told Maria Masters in a Men’s Health article, actually titled "Is your office chair killing you?":

    "The cure for too much sitting isn’t more exercise. Exercise is good, of course, but the average person could never do enough to counteract the effect of hours and hours of chair time."

    So using a standing desk to actually get your body moving during the day will help to make your exercise actually effective! It’s amazing what a simple conversion to your desk can do.

    Your brain is about to have a party

    Get more oxygen to your brain and boost your performance

      So there you are, sitting at your desk, feeling the afternoon blues, sluggish and overworked. You wish you could muster some extra energy or be more alert but the day is catching up with you. Well, there's a solution to that.

      You can increase your "brain power" by standing up as you work, because it increases your metabolism and circulation, helping to feed more oxygen to your brain. Your brain, on an increased level of oxygen, allows you to have increased clarity of thought, memory function, and improved alertness. It'll help you focus on the task at hand and rise above the afternoon slump.

      In an article at Business Insider, they found a Facebook employee who stands at their desk to work. He is quoted as saying he doesn't get the "3 o’clock slump anymore" and he feels "active all day long."

      You can join him by choosing a stand up desk to help recharge your brain.

      There's hope for those with ADD and ADHD too

      For adults with ADHD, standing and moving while learning or working is tremendously beneficial.

      People with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) are fidgety and can't focus while sitting still for long periods of time.

      Standing at a desk where you can shift your legs and move around helps dissipate excess energy and calm the mind.

      If you're in school, headed off to college, or are an adult with ADD/ADHD, then this is a no-brainer. Standing while you work or study is a great way to help you focus and excel at what you do.

      Standing at your desk helps to bring peace of mind

      With more oxygen feeding your brain and helping you to feel energized, the risk of falling into fatigue or depression is lessened.

      "In one seven-week study of standing desk use, participants reported less fatigue, tension, confusion and depression."

      A sedentary lifestyle lowers your mood and weighs you down. Let's face it, who wouldn't want to feel happier and healthier, with less fatigue, tension, confusion and depression?

      All of this adds up to boosting your work performance and lifting your whole day.

      The happier you are the more you'll let the day roll off your back. It's not just about standing up, it's about helping you to be the best you possible.

      You're going to feel really good about this

      It's time to whistle while you work

      Ok so it's work. But it could also be more enjoyable and fun if you were in a better mood.

      According to that article in participants who used active desks showed a clear mood boost:

      "Study participants who used active desks showed a clear mood boost. In one seven-week study of standing desk use, participants reported less fatigue, tension, confusion, and depression, and more vigor, energy, focus, and happiness—and when they went back to their old desks, their overall mood returned to baseline levels."

      Do you want your day to just be plain average at your baseline? Why put up with mediocre days, day in day out? A standing desk could be the right choice to help you to not only work effectively but feel happier about what you to do.

      Happiness also reflects in the bottom line! It's not just your mood you'll lift, it's your whole performance!

      Work more effectively and get more done

      Could standing as you work actually improve your output?

      Would you like to get more work done with less effort? Does it sound too good to be true?

      You can boost your productivity by 10%, just like employees in another study. "We found that standing led to up to 10% more productivity."

      That means you're getting extra work done without really noticing it. How can this be possible?

      With a boost to your energy, focus and enthusiasm, you might not realize it but you're working more efficiently and are free from the baggage of a sluggish body. When your body's functioning optimally, so are you.

      Imagine as the owner of a business getting 10% more out of each employee. What would that do to your bottom line? As an employee, imagine being 10% more productive and what would that do to your raises, bonuses and promotions!

      Being more energetic during the day just feels so good

      The same study from above showed the participants had "more vigor, energy, focus, and happiness." Using a standing desk and moving around is the key to an enhanced work day. And this isn't just about getting more work done, it's about feeling better while you also get more work done. It's a win win.

      Once you start to notice how much better you feel in general, not just in terms of energy but also relief from back pain, a reduction in neck and wrist soreness, getting more work done and being able to focus more, you won't want to go back to being a professional sitter.

      Isn't it time you let yourself be happier and healthier?

      Wait a minute, could standing make you live longer?

      Or to put it another way, is sitting literally killing you?

      This may not be as fictional as it sounds. Important scientific studies have investigated the long-term effects of sitting compared to standing, to find out whether your life expectancy can actually be increased by standing more often.

      For example, in a 2010 study by the American Cancer Society, "women who sat more than six hours a day were 37% more likely to die prematurely than women who sat for less than three hours, while the early-death rate for men was 18% higher."

      Pause a moment to let that sink in. Sitting for more than six hours a day - which is typical for many office workers - led to a 37% increase in premature deaths! And 55% for men!

      That's no joke.

      It gets worse, then it get better

      Further reports have revealed:

      But here's the GOOD NEWS:

      You can increase your life expectancy by up to 40% by standing while you work.

      You may be thinking, well, I only work 8 hours a day. But don’t forget all that time you spend commuting to and from work, TV time, dinner and even personal computer time. It all adds up.

      Are you spending enough time on your feet to optimize your well-being and extend your life? Chances are you aren't - but there's a fix for that.

      A stand-up desk such as the Miracle Desk can help you to work while standing for prolonged periods of time, while remaining comfortable and organized. It's the easy way out of a lethargic working life, and your doorway to a brighter future.

      Isn't about time you stood up for your health?

      It's time to take action and feel your best at work

      In summary, standing while you work is really, really good for you. It boosts your energy, your mood, your performance, and helps you to enjoy a happier working life. But even more importantly, it diminishes your risk of serious diseases, helps alleviate bodily aches and pains, and even extends your life expectancy.

      Yet for some, it may take some time to comfortably transition to standing while you work, given how much your body is used to sitting all day. This article from Rescue Times may help you with some extra tips on how you can do this most effectively.

      We've also written an article about how much to alternative between sitting and standing, to help you to ease into the sit-stand lifestyle and have the best chance of success.

      By gradually increasing the amount of time you stand each day, your body will be able to adjust and develop the physiological support it needs to help turbocharge your day.

      And speaking of support...

      Introducing the answer to your prayers

      Are you ready for it?

      Now that you understand the MANY benefits of standing while you work, we know that you're feeling more enthusiastic than ever about trying this for yourself!

      But to stand while you work using your old existing desk just isn't going to work. It's the wrong height and doesn't support you standing up, so using it would mean having to painfully hunch over and develop even more problems. Scrap that idea! We've come up with a simpler solution.

      We've developed an easy-to-use standing-desk solution, which won't break the bank, yet will allow you to try the standing-to-work lifestyle and get all the great benefits quickly.

      The Miracle Desk

      The Miracle Desk is our answer to you prayers.

      We've prepared for you a special in-depth tour of the Miracle Desk - an inexpensive, sturdy, portable desk which you can sit on top of your existing desk to instantly work in a standing position. It's the perfect size, it looks great, and is designed to ergonomically support your posture and well-being.

      If you're going to be standing up as you work, you can't really keep using your existing desk on its own, and buying a whole new desk is going to be expensive. Our Miracle Desk solves all of these problems.

      Most desks that help you to stand are incredibly expensive - upwards of $500 to $3000, with ridiculous adjustable features that you'll pay for but hardly ever use. We've designed our Miracle Desk to give you what you need without all the extra fluff, for just $79!

      Join over 15,000 excited users creating a workplace revolution!

      Over 15,000 users are already happily standing and working at their Miracle Desk, and are enjoying all the benefits of an optimized work day, improved health and a happier mood.

      Their coworkers are jealous and keep asking us for more desks!

      It's time you got in on the standing-desk movement and joined the revolution. You'll be so glad you did, you'll want to recommend it to everyone you know!

      Go see for yourself what everyone's so excited about: the amazing Miracle Desk.

      Learn about the Miracle Desk