Why Choose the Miracle Desk?

The Miracle Desk Answers your Prayers

Miracle Desk answers the question, "How can I feel less tired and achy from sitting all day?" Let's face it, sitting at a desk for hours on end isn't exactly a healthy experience. Your legs become restless, your back and neck begin to ache from poor posture. As the day wears on, fatigue sets in and your circulation slows down, bringing less oxygen to your entire system. Next stop: brain-drain and you start falling short of optimal performance (not to mention the long-term effects on your health).

Miracle Desk is an easy-to-use, affordable, sturdy solution, allowing you to stand in your existing workspace and regenerate from hours of lethargic sitting. The effects on your overall health will amaze you, including relief from back pain, a diminishing of leg numbness, an increased flow of energy and vitality, sharper cognitive skills and memory function, improved posture, a strengthening of core muscles, improved balance, increased circulation and oxygenation, and a greater overall sense of well-being.

The original miracle desk with the inventor

Keep your original desk

Keep your favorite desk. Add a plus 1.

Miracle Desk sits on top of your existing desk to provide a whole new way of working. Lightweight yet sturdy, it's easy to go from sitting to standing and back in seconds. Use your existing desk whenever you feel the need, and instantly transform it back into a Miracle Desk to energize your day. It's the best of both worlds!  You're no longer stuck hunching over, or limited to standing room only.

Not too big and bulky, not too small as to be cramped for space, its the perfect balance for real humans (like you) who want to enjoy the benefits of standing to work without the hassle of buying a super-expensive new desk.

Sturdy + Solid + Stable = Superb!

There's nothing more annoying that a wobbly desk. So we made sure the Miracle Desk is completely sturdy and wobble-free, even when you lean on it.  So we chose a four-panel rectangular structure to maximize the support and hold everything "square". The wide back-board spans the full length between the side panels to retain the desk's shape and counteract any pressure you apply. We even stood on it to demonstrate (don't try that at home folks). It obviously holds way more than the recommended 15 pounds.

Held firm by 9 metal cam bolts, all sides of the desk are gripped together for the long haul. No screws, no mess. Assembly is quick and easy - armed with a Phillips screwdriver you'll be ready to go in a matter of minutes. Solidly designed with 3/4" thick wood, Miracle Desk doesn't suffer from the wobble you'll get from an expensive "adjustable" desk. You'll be using your trusty Miracle Desk for years to come.

Miracle Desk is solid and sturdy

Miracle Desk size

Even with all your stuff, you've got room to breathe

We've de-cluttered your work-space by making sure that even with a computer, monitor, paperwork and more, you've got room left to breathe. An organized desk is hardly a desk with no space left!  

We've also made leaning and stretching a thing of the past. The generous 36" wide by 15" deep work surface is designed to be just the right size to make full use of your reach without having to bend or strain.

By the way, that space down below - that's your new super-convenient storage area.

Tall enough for giants, short enough for heroes

You're unique, so why settle for one-size-fits-all?  "Adjustable desks" claim to give you all the flexibility of standing and sitting with a simple transition. But what they don't tell you is, that adjustability is something you rarely use, you pay a huge price-tag for it, it makes the desk less stable, and much more expensive.

With you in mind, we decided to skip all that nonsense and take the frustration out of it.  Anyone up to around 6 feet tall will be ergonomically comfortable with the Regular Miracle Desk (which is 12" high). And if you're a towering giant over 6 feet, our Tall Miracle Desk gives you an extra 3 inch boost of height (15" high).

If you are unsure, our expert Customer Service is here to help.

Miracle Desk height comparison

Miracle Desk wood finishes

Quality wood finishes harmonize your work-space

Whether your desk is mahogany, walnut, black or something else, Miracle Desk is designed to match your existing desk. After all, you don't want some ugly mis-matched work area. Select from several of the most beautiful, high-quality natural surfaces imaginable.

Quality wood grains cover the entire interior and exterior of the Miracle Desk - no expense spared. And if wood-grain isn't quite your thing, check out our stunning Faux Marble work surface.

The miracle you need at the price you can afford

If you looked at other sit-stand desks, you already know that most are beyond expensive (upwards of $3,000 ), and anything sturdy is at least $500. Those prices are outrageous!

Let's face it, when you want to try standing at work you don't want to commit thousands of dollars to re-arrange your whole work-space, only to later regret your decision. Miracle Desk removes the risk entirely.

You can try it now for the heavenly price of only $79, backed up by our guarantee and easy hassle-free returns.

Miracle Desk inexpensive stand up desk

Miracle Desk back pain relief

Pain relief with positive side-effects

Several studies show a reduction in back injuries and back pain for those who stand while they work. If you have back or leg problems you simply cannot endure the discomfort of prolonged sitting. Hunched over a desk at uncomfortable angles isn’t the way your spine and wrists were designed to work for prolonged periods.

A sedentary lifestyle also impacts your entire health. Reduced circulation leads to reduced oxygenation, which leads to disease. Poor blood-flow lowers your oxygen levels and increases your risk. Miracle desk helps to reduce your risk of disease.

However, even a one hour standing break per day will relieve the stress on your system from sitting all day. Switching positions frequently will reduce your pain and support your long-term health.

Bye-bye brain fog.  Hello performance.

With increased circulation, stimulation of core muscles and continuous micro-movements, Miracle Desk helps standing-desk users feel more energized. You are able to focus better on the task at hand. But when your veins and arteries are pinched like a garden hose while sitting all day, is it any wonder you feel lethargic and lost?

While standing, your blood flows freely and oxygen invigorates your brain. You will be surprised how sharp and focused you become.  The Miracle Desk gives you an extra boost of productivity, clarity and confidence.

Say goodbye to mental blocks and fatigue. Say hello to creativity and improved health.

Miracle Desk users rave about their renewed focus and enthusiasm for their work. It's like a miracle!


Miracle Desk patented

A fully patented design after years of research

After research into workspace ergonomics and human interaction, the Miracle Desk emerged as a clearly unique winner.  Feedback was so positive that we decided to file for a US patent. On August 24th of 2014 the US Patent Office issued us patent #711,171S.

When you choose the Miracle Desk, you will be joining over 15,000 people just like you, who have chosen to improve their health and increase their workday performance. You too will experience the rewarding results of standing as you work. The Miracle Desk is one of a kind, and it was created to transform lives.

Other Miracle Desk users share their joy

We built the Miracle Desk to relieve an urgent back pain problem. But we did not expect to hear all the other benefits our users were enjoying. Everyday we get feedback from customers whose lives are changed because they took a chance to try standing at the office.

We love to hear how it helped Kelly in Virginia "get more done because I stay focused (and even dropped 4 pounds)".

Or how Mick from Oregon "feels more energetic and does not have the 1:30 blues."

Many of our users didn't think they could really stand up at the office, but 93% of them stick with it for at least 2 hours a day. We are so thrilled to hear your stories because it reaffirms our belief that once you try standing at work, you will discover so many benefits that your life will truly change forever. Do you have a story to tell us? We would love to hear it!

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Miracle Desk feedback

Miracle Desk room

By the way, there's plenty of room for your computer

Large computer monitors are all the rage. We made sure the Miracle Desk has plenty of room, and stability, to support your screen. Even coupled with a desktop computer keyboard, there's room for your mouse and mouse-pad. There's even room to sit the monitor behind the keyboard. A generous 15" depth uses about 6" for a keyboard, leaving 9 inches to fit your monitor, front to back.

Laptop users will delight also - there's plenty of room here for a large laptop and a tablet. With a few inches to rest your wrists, you'll still have plenty of depth to support your entire computer. And the expansive 3 feet of space end-to-end will give you ample room for any accessories you might need.

And you can go hands-free with our Monitor Arms

Powered by a hydraulic, adjustable arm, attached to the rear of your screen, our air-cushioned arms either clamp onto your existing desk, or can be mounted to a wall. Each time you transition between sitting and standing, re-positioning your monitor will be a breeze.

The desk-clamp version begins with an adjustable-height post, leading up to a swivel joint. Then the hydraulic arm supports raising and lowering of the screen independently. The attachment to your monitor also features a horizontal swivel and a vertical tilt. So all you have to do is grab your screen and move it to your ideal position.

It's super versatile and easy to use. And if you're a power-user with two monitors, or you need an extended arm, we have both those options available.

View the Single-Monitor Arm     View the Dual-Monitor Arm

Miracle Desk monitor arms

Miracle Desk medical

Stand up for your health, it's good for you!

"People who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of heart attacks. Women who sit more than 6 hours a day have a 40% higher mortality rate. Men's mortality rate increases by 20%" - Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

"Women who sat more than six hours a day were 37% more likely to die prematurely than women who sat for less than 3 hours, while the early-death rate for men was 18% higher" - American Cancer Society.

"We found that standing led to up to 10% more productivity. Imagine 10% more done everyday." - ReadWrite.com

"When we sit for long periods of time, the enzymes responsible for burning fat shut down. Sitting too much can lower good cholesterol, HDL, and lead to a slower metabolism. In essence, sitting can cause the disease process." -  Michael Perk, a professor at UNC-Greensboro.

People like you are experiencing a transformation!

Real users of the Miracle Desk weigh in:

  • "Standing up does help me to stay alert later in the day. It's easy to set up or put away too."
  • "Didn't know I would like standing up, but I love it and it makes it easy to go between standing and sitting."
  • "This made my life so much better!"
  • "I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in back pain and can stand in situations (like lines, for example) much longer without pain."
  • "If sitting is the new smoking, then this is a very healthy solution."

Miracle Desk user

Miracle Desk everything you need

It's everything you need at one affordable price - $79

The Miracle desk is a safe, simple, and cost-effective solution. It won't break your budget and yet it will completely empower you to join the sit-stand revolution and enjoy the benefits of standing while you work. The unique patented design will provide you with a sturdy, reliable work surface while still allowing you to keep and use your original desk.

Forget those super-expensive adjustable desk solutions. They're a gimmick. Why pay hundreds or thousands for a feature you'll hardly use. Miracle Desk weighs in at the incredibly low price of just $79 and yet offers all of the same benefits. Enjoyed by over 15,000 users already, Miracle Desk is sky-rocketing to the forefront of every office.

You'll be so happy with your Miracle Desk - guaranteed - that you'll quickly be the envy of anyone you work with, and before long they'll be asking you one simple question:

"Where did you get it?

Choose the Miracle Desk today and you won't look back

Your miracle is here, with FREE SHIPPING! Miracle Desk is available now in two heights - regular (for people up to 6 feet tall) and tall (for people over 6 feet). It also comes in 9 unique finishes to match your decor. Simply choose a size, pick a color, and add to your cart.

Customers regularly buy not just one but several desks, because once you join the standing revolution you won't want to go back - and everyone else will want in on it. Buying for your whole office, or want to become a re-seller? Check out our Corporate/Wholesale page.

It's decision time. Do you want to continue to suffer sluggish days with back pain, fatigue, poor circulation and an increased risk of disease? Or do you want a simple, affordable solution which will invigorate your health and performance right away?

Do your best work while improving your health!

I'm ready for my Miracle!

Miracle Desk - choose now

Free Shipping on All Orders, Always

Shipping furniture is never cheap, so we decided to pay for your shipping! The Miracle Desk is always shipped for FREE, via FedEx, direct to your door or office. You never have to worry about paying to ship a big heavy desk.

We want to make it easy and risk-free for you to try the sit-stand lifestyle. Shipping is FREE for all ground orders shipped to the lower 48 States.

Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery.

Try it for 90-days with our Guarantee

We know you are going to love the Miracle Desk from the moment you put it on your desk.

It may take a few hours or a few days before you feel your energy rise, your productivity increase, and your focus sharpen, but we're so confident you will love the Miracle Desk that we've made you a promise.

We've put an iron clad, 90-day money back guarantee on the Miracle Desk, because we want you to be able to try for more than a week and not have to worry about returning it.

We want you to be able to buy with confidence. If you don’t absolutely love the Miracle Desk we will take it back, no questions asked.

90-Day Guarantee