The Miracle Desk Story


The Standing Desk Invention

In 2003, Steve Brielmaier had a problem. Sitting in an office chair all day, combined with a 2 hour daily commute meant numb legs and a sore back.

Needing a standing break, Steve searched for a reasonably priced standing desk and found nothing. So he did what any enterprising inventor would do, he built his own.

Steve began standing up before standing was cool! Lots of curious looks eventually led to "where can I get one" inquiries.

Steve spent 7 years perfecting the specifications and waiting for America to catch up with the "desk-standing" lifestyle. In 2010, the Miracle Desk was born.

Years of Development Earn us a Patent

After years of research on workplace ergonomics, the final Miracle Desk design was so unique, that we filed for a US patent on January 25, 2013.  We were thrilled on August 24, 2014, when the US Patent Office issued us patent #711,171S.

So when you buy the Miracle Desk, you know that you have the original platform desk converter that has helped over 15,000 people, just like you, become high-achievers and improve their health.

Be wary of cheap knock-offs that actually cost you more. Insist on the original proven solution. There is only ONE MiracleDesk!

Miracle Desk warehouse

The Company

The MiracleDesk Company was started with the goal of bringing the benefits of standing up to office workers everywhere. So we figured out how to build our desk-riser in larger batches  and started selling them in 2010.

Then we developed several different finishes to match most desks. Over 15,000 happy customers later, the MiracleDesk has proven to be America's favorite stand-up desk converter.

Our product development continues - most of our customers use large monitors and many have dual screens, so they asked for a solution to handle their monitor more easily. So we developed our exclusive line of Sit-Stand Monitor Arms, which work perfectly with our desks.

Our dedicated team is ready to help you take the first step to a more productive, healthier you.

Our Mission:

A Sit-Stand Solution for the Rest of Us

Miracle Desk was developed to provide all of the health and productivity benefits of the sit-stand work life, at a price affordable to everyone.

We don't believe that you need to be a silicon valley startup or some corporate CEO to be able to shell out thousands of dollars to enjoy the benefits of standing at work, especially consider the benefits we all could enjoy.

Why should the 1% hot-shots be the only ones to avoid "Sitting Disease" by working healthier, with less back pain?

Our mission is to help you do your Best Work while improving your health.

Not for lavish corporate suites or the mega-rich, but for every small office, every lab, every classroom, every cubicle, and every home office where America's real work gets done.  

Stand Up Solution

What Our Users are Saying

We built the Miracle Desk to relieve an urgent back pain problem. But we didn't expect to hear all the other benefits our users were enjoying. Every day we get feedback from customers whose lives have changed because they took a chance to try a standing-height desk at the office.

We love to hear how it helps Kelly in Virginia "get more done because I stay focused (and even dropped 4 pounds)". Or how Mick from Oregon "feels more energetic and does not have the 1:30 blues."

Many of our users didn't think they could really stand up at the office, but 93% stick with it for at least 2 hours a day. We are so thrilled to hear your stories because it reaffirms our belief that once you try standing at work, you will discover so many benefits that will change your life forever. Do you have a story to tell us?  We would love to hear it!       

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