Listen to real users who were skeptical before standing at work:

"I thoroughly researched the benefits of a standing desk and decided to try this one as a trial run before investing in a more expensive arrangement. I don't think I will be needing to look further. I feel more awake and less fatigued, ...This one works!" - Judith, 2014

"These desks are a great alternative to a dedicated standing desk. I use it at least half of my work day. It looks surprisingly good! For the price, this rocks!" - Beanie, 2013

"My neck was so strained from sitting all day at my job. Now I only sit down while writing. It truly has helped me drop 4 pounds, stay focused, and my neck/shoulder pain is almost non-existent now. I highly recommend for someone who is active and HATES sitting all day at a job." - Kelly, 2015

"SOLID. You can lean on this bad boy. Great option for solid office furniture when stand desk option is needed" - DLT, 2014


Over 15,000 Miracle Desks Sold