Change Your Life - A Case Study

Can Standing at Work Change Your Life's Path?

15 years ago, on a crisp spring day, Dale and Ethan graduated from the same small college. They were similar in many ways. Both earned good grades, both were bright and personable and both had daring ambitions for successful careers.

Recently, Dale and Ethan returned for their 15th reunion.

They were both still similar in many ways. Both got married and had two children. And both, coincidentally, had gone to work for the same tech company after graduation, and after 15 years, both were still there.  

But… there was a big difference. Dale felt trapped in his job. He was thinking of making a career change (and he just started another new diet.) Ethan is a rising star and has recently been named the youngest vice-president in company history (plus he just finished his first half-marathon).

Divergent Paths

 Why the Difference?

Why do some people achieve beyond their family’s wildest expectations and others languish, hit road blocks, and get burned out? Why do some people have a seemingly endless supply of energy and get any job done (no matter how much gets thrown on their plate)?  Why do others get overwhelmed by the least disruption to their routine?  Both Dale and Ethan started with similar intelligence, ambition and talent.  But they are well on their way to completely different lives. 

Ethan's Secret

Ethan’s meteoric rise can be traced back to a decision he made during his third year of work. As it happened, Ethan strained his back while helping a friend move a stove, and he struggled to sit down at his desk. So Ethan created a make-shift platform with some boxes so he could work standing up. 

By the time Ethan’s back got stronger, he kept standing up because he realized that he accomplished more in the last month than he did during the previous 5. He felt more energetic and his after-lunch slump had disappeared. Could it be that simply standing up at his desk turbo-charged his work life? PLUS... he felt motivated to start jogging again. His boss took notice and Ethan started his meteoric climb to tech VP.

 The POWER of Standing Up

I know what you are thinking, how can one minor change be responsible for so much success? How do we know standing up has helped that much? When you discover all the physiological changes the human body goes through when it moves from sitting to standing, you will understand the secrets that high-achievers have known for years. 

You see, sitting in your office chair signals to your body “It’s time to rest” so your body begins pumping less blood and readies you for sleep. Just by standing up, your body receives the message “It’s time to work” so it prepares for achievement.   

 Sitting = Smoking

If you smoke, the one decision you can make to most improve your health, longevity and well-being is to BUT, what if you don’t smoke? Then the decision to work standing up becomes the most important change you can make to improve your life. THAT is why this is so important and THAT is why we at Miracle Desk are so committed to spreading the word about the benefits of standing at work. So what benefits can a new stander expect? Keep reading and you will discover the secrets of high achievers.

 Standing is a Virtuous Cycle

The simple act of standing up creates a chain-reaction of positive changes to your body and mind. Did you ever hear the term “virtuous-cycle”? That means when you make one change (like choosing to stand up), it leads to a benefit (like increased energy), which leads to another benefit (like burning more calories), and so on. So be careful not to underestimate the power of one simple change. When you start the virtuous cycle, you may be amazed at the difference it can make.

So what about Dale and Ethan? The two young people who started down similar career paths that after 15 years had diverged dramatically. What made their lives so different?

Standing Changes Lives

We cannot promise that success will be instantly yours if you start standing at work. Nor can we guarantee that you will experience all the benefits other have described. But we CAN guarantee that you will improve your life in ways beyond your expectations. And we promise you will never regret the decision to stand up. 

I have never looked back since 2003.


Steve Brielmaier



P.S. If you are wondering how to convince you boss to let you stand up at work (or maybe how to ask the company to pay for it) we give you a guide to convince your boss

 Standing is NOT for Everyone

We realize that not everyone is meant to try standing at work. It does take some effort to alter your routine. Some worry about being the first one at their office to try standing. Others are content with their careers, don't want to stand out from the crowd and really see no reason for further self-improvement.  If this sounds like you, then you can stop reading now.

BUT…  if you want to climb to your full potential, and if you are willing to put in a little effort for a big "quality of life" payoff, then you owe it to yourself to start reaping these benefits the day you start the stand-up work life. Miracle Desk makes it easy to test standing. With our low price and 90 day money-back guarantee, you can take the first step to change your life, risk free.