Laptop Holder Black
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Laptop Holder Black

Laptop Holder

This laptop holder attachment is designed so you can quickly position your laptop exactly where you need it. This stand holds your laptop above your desk, freeing up work-space. 

    Laptop posture - is this the best laptop setup?

    Full 360° positioning puts your laptop exactly where you want it - giving you the best laptop setup. This laptop holder allows you to adjust the height up to 12" above your desk. Optimal placement of the screen is critical for the best laptop setup as it may help reduce eye, neck, and back pain. Laptop posture is very important. 

    Made from heavy-duty aluminum, your laptop holder can hold up to 22 lbs. The laptop tray has vented holes to help cool by discharging warm air from the laptop fan, yet more proof that this laptop holder is worthy of being called the best laptop setup.

    Laptop stand features:

    • Universal laptop riser with a large vented tray compatible with Apple MacBook, Asus, Sony, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Chromebook, Netbook and gaming notebooks. Designed to support 17" max. laptop computer with its steel platform size of 13" wide by 10" deep
    • Right and left sides of the vented platform have lips to securely hold the laptop in place
    • Full-motion arm holding the laptop tray can be moved up and down on the vertical pole. The pole measures 12" from the desk surface. You can fully adjust the laptop tilt angle. Folding arm allows the tray to swivel/articulate left to right and towards or away from the user
    • Heavy-duty "C" clamp ensures secure desk-mounting. Maximum desk thickness is 4"
    • The pole and extension arms have cable management clips to keep your desk looking neat.
    • Laptop stand will hold your laptop computer in the perfect laptop posture position for maximum comfort
    • Easy to add a second laptop arm or a monitor arm within the Miracle Desk series
    • Engineered for better ergonomics and ideal laptop posture to increase viewing comfort and help reduce eye, back, and neck strain
    • Sleek silicon-age design compliments your workspace and frees up desktop space. Cord management system hides cables, which means more usable workspace and a cleaner desk
    • Weight supported: 6.4 - 17 lbs
    • Mount tilt: -90°~ + 85° for maximum laptop posture benefits
    • Mount swivel: 180° - also for maximum laptop posture benefits
    • Mount rotation: 360° - also for maximum laptop posture benefits
    • Grommet mount hardware available upon request
    • Also available in wall-mount version

    Ideal stand for DJ?

    Believe it or not, the laptop holder in black has been an ideal stand for dj and other entertainment entities. The black color makes the laptop holder work well and be considered an ideal nightclub stand for dj s everywhere. 


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