Premium Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Single Hydraulic Black including Laptop Stand
Premium Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Single Hydraulic Black including Laptop Stand
Premium Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Single Hydraulic Black including Laptop Stand
Premium Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Single Hydraulic Black including Laptop Stand
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Premium Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Single Hydraulic Black including Laptop Stand

The world's best sit-stand monitor arm

A bracket monitor arm mounted computer configuration enables users to optimize the sit/stand lifestyle. Using a monitor arm to mount computer monitors enables the user to quickly shift from sitting to standing. Don't let your set up slow you down, mount computer monitors with a bracket monitor arm mounted computer configuration.

A bracket monitor arm mounted computer configuration saves more than time

NEVER AGAIN, will you crane your neck to see your screen! The sit-stand monitor arm is the only device designed specifically for the sit-stand lifestyle. A bracket monitor arm mounted computer configuration is THE SOLUTION that puts you in charge, letting you adjust your monitor arm height from sitting to standing instantly. You owe it to yourself to make a change and do something POSITIVE to improve your health this year.

Benefits to you

  • The sit-stand monitor arm changes the height of your monitor instantly
  • Frees up desktop, which means more usable workspace and a cleaner desk
  • Fully adjustable arms so monitor will rotate 360°, so you can position your monitor where you need it
  • Better ergonomics - Increase viewing comfort and help reduce eye, back and neck strain
  • Mount it on your desk OR to your wall (both the desk-mount AND wall-mount hardware are included)
  • The sit-stand monitor arm was designed specifically for people who stand at work. You will maximize productivity and comfort
  • The sit-stand monitor arm is ergonomically designed to instantly position your monitor in the most comfortable position for sitting or standing

Features of the stand up monitor holder

  • Monitor stand adjust the top of your monitor from 12"- 39" above your desk (for a 12" high monitor)
  • Adaptable for all sit-stand users up to 6' 6"
  • Mounts on the edge of your desk (2" overhang needed for safe installation. Desktop must be solid and sturdy)
  • Low-profile base saves desk space
  • Heavy-duty, & lightweight aluminum construction
  • Charcoal black finish
  • Cable management system organizes and routes cables out of your way
  • Position the height and angle of your monitor for maximum comfort and productivity
  • Friction system provides long-life adjustment while maintaining touch-screen stability
  • Accommodates various LCD sizes up to 24"
  • Weight capacity: Holds laptops up to 19 lbs
  • Full range of motion allows you to position your monitor at exact height and distance from your eyes. You can even tilt your monitor +/-15°
  • Fits ALL flat-panel monitors with standard VESA hole pattern: 100mm x 100mm & 75mm x 75mm. If you measure the holes on the back of your monitor, you will know they fit the VESA pattern if they are are 3.9" x 3.9" or 2.95" x 2.95"
  • Complete your stand up lifestyle with a sit-stand monitor arm that will give your monitor flexibility and could improve your productivity

Laptop stand

Includes laptop stand attachment so you can quickly adjust from sitting to standing while using a laptop. This stand also allows you to use your laptop as a second monitor by setting it at eye level for optimal ergonomic effect.

Your monitor arm will work great with the Miracle Desk

Did you know your Miracle Desk monitor arm supports a sit-stand lifestyle? We also support this lifestyle with our highly acclaimed Miracle Desk. It's the perfect companion.

Available in regular height (for up to 6 feet-tall people) and tall (for people over 6 feet height).

Available in a variety of quality woodgrain finishes.

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The ultimate foot-comforting experience

Give your feet a break with our gel-padded comfort mat. Since you'll be standing at your Miracle Desk, we thought of your feet as well. Support comfortable spinal alignment and relieve tension while receiving a gentle foot massage!

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