Laptop Holder Connector, (Black) for Miracle Desk Sit/Stand Monitor Arms
Laptop Holder Connector, (Black) for Miracle Desk Sit/Stand Monitor Arms
Laptop Holder Connector, (Black) for Miracle Desk Sit/Stand Monitor Arms
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Laptop Holder Connector, (Black) for Miracle Desk Sit/Stand Monitor Arms

Laptop Holder Tray

The Miracle Desk series laptop holder allows you to convert your VESA monitor arm into a laptop holder. You get the laptop tray with lip and 4 bolts/nuts to attach to your vesa mount. You can adopt the sit/stand lifestyle even if you don't use a desktop computer. The D15BK laptop stand attaches to the VESA mount included with Miracle Desk monitor arms (compatible with any 75mm or 100mm VESA mount pattern) and provides a stable platform for your portable computer. Vertical tabs at the bottom hold your laptop in place and foam pads prevent your laptop from sliding off. It can also be used as a keyboard tray.

Laptop users rejoice!

  • Easily adopt the standing lifestyle as a laptop user
  • Laptop extension part for Miracle Desk arm monitors allows you to adjust the height of your laptop instantly!
  • Sleek and durable aluminum
  • Compatible with any VESA 75mm or 100mm monitor arm
  • Wide base with grippy tabs to prevent your laptop from sliding off
  • Can also be used as a keyboard tray on a second arm


  • Gloss black finish - matches all Miracle Desk arms
  • Aircraft-grade solid aluminum construction will withstand years of abuse. Securely mounts to your desk with premium clamp
  • 75mm and 100mm VESA mount configuration for maximum compatibility 
  • 12.5" wide by 10" deep to fit most laptops comfortably
  • Tabs are 1.5" wide by 1" tall to keep your laptop secure
  • Includes four short mounting screws (for VESA attachment) with nuts to hold in place
  • Sleek silicon-age design compliments your modern laptop and frees up desktop space. Cord management system hides cables, which means more usable workspace and a cleaner desk

Equip your Miracle Desk with a versatile monitor arm

If you work at your desk with a computer monitor, you're going to want to raise it up for comfortable viewing. And what if you want to sit down again? You're going to need it to be adjustable. We've designed our Miracle Desk monitor arms with hydraulic air assistance just for you.

Available in all-black or black with a white accent, supporting one or two monitors, and either desk or wall mounted. Custom configure to suit your needs.

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Your monitor arm will work great with the Miracle Desk

Did you know your Miracle Desk monitor arm supports a sit-stand lifestyle? We also support this lifestyle with our highly acclaimed Miracle Desk. It's the perfect companion.

Available in regular height (for up to 6 feet-tall people) and tall (for people over 6 feet height).

Available in a variety of quality woodgrain finishes.

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The ultimate foot-comforting experience

Give your feet a break with our gel-padded comfort mat. Since you'll be standing at your Miracle Desk, we thought of your feet as well. Support comfortable spinal alignment and relieve tension while receiving a gentle foot massage!

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