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Miracle desk has changed the lives of over 15,000 people across the country. Read on for some of their inspiration stories of transformation and perhaps share your own success story too.

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  • Since making the switch to a Miracle Desk, my FitBit has logged an average increase of 1200 steps per day in my 8-5. Subsequently, I have hit my step goal in each of those days.

    Cody B on
  • I wanted an alternative to sitting all day at work. This has worked out perfectly for me and my 2 co-workers who take turns with me using it. It is sturdy but fairly light weight and easy to move. It was easy to assemble. It is big enough to hold a regular size monitor(we left the tower behind the stand up desk), the keyboard, and a phone, and there is plenty of room leftover without being too big. This was exactly what I was looking for.

    Amber L on
  • I am 5’9" and the height is almost perfect…if you were a lot shorter or taller you might not find it as ideal as I do. It is solid and heavy. it’s made of the pressed wood which I don’t like, but you don;t see or feel it once it is constructed…it feels heavy and solid enough. Easy to put on my desk to break up sitting all day. My MacBook Pro fits on it easily with my sketch pad or pad of paper

    Jake K on
  • I have an L-shaped desk and I have placed this on the right, leaving my desk open towards the front of the office. It is working great. I stand about 40-50% of the day, sit in office chair at desk and move around the rest. Why would you spend big bucks for anything else? Bought an adjustable stool to keep close should I decide to sit at the stand up desk…love options. This was easy to put together and black looks nice in the office. I’m a fan!

    Emily D on
  • I ordered one for myself, loved it, and then ordered 10 more for employees. To my surprise they are all still using it after 2 weeks to 1 month. I like that you use it with your existing desk. It’s light and easy to remove so you can stand half the day and sit the rest. Boy, it feels good to set down after standing 4 hours. But I’ve definitely noticed a) a decrease in back pain and b) that I can stand in other situations (in lines, for example) much longer without pain. If sitting really is the new smoking, this is a very healthy solution.

    Kevin H on

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