How to Burn Calories by Just Standing at Your Desk

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If you are like most Americans then you spend a lot of time sitting. Whether it be the commute to work, the lazy boy after work, dinner time or you have a desk job you are sitting for a good portion of your day. Sitting is now known as the new smoking. Data shows that sitting for long periods of time can slow your metabolism which can lead to weight gain, heart problems and a host of other diseases. Sitting doesn’t just make you sore and stiff it can have life threatening effects. If you haven’t switched to a desk where you can stand and sit at work then you should definitely be at least getting up and moving every few hours if not more. Below we lay out a few things you can do while at work to increase your metabolism, stop being sedentary and maybe even start to lose some weight.

Since we have already concluded that you don’t have our Miracle Desk or any other desk for sitting and standing at work why not try a few of these simple “exercises” to get your heart rate going and stop the sitting disease from taking hold:

  • If you don’t have to be sitting for an activity, like typing or writing, then stand up. So you can answer phone calls or make them standing up or sort paperwork standing up or any other activity that does not require sitting and if you don’t have anyone watching then even stepping or marching in place can be a great alternative to walking around. This will increase your metabolic rate and keep your legs from falling asleep or getting stiff from sitting all day. If you had a sit and stand desk option you would be able to go from sitting to standing and move your legs while standing. Check out our desks here.
  • While changing the font on your screen might seem like a hassle it is nothing compared to the problems that sitting all day can give you. Change the font on your screen if  you are just reading lots of documents and stand to read. You can even do the marching exercise mentioned above. When you sit your core and glutes essentially shut down but by simply standing you reactivate those muscles and they begin to work and build strength. This activation of the muscles also tells your body to burn more calories so it is a double bonus.
  • Stretching out after a long time a sitting is a great idea. If you have been sitting before you head to lunch take a couple of minutes and stretch out your back and legs and get them moving again. Even while you are sitting you can stretch your arms and back and neck. This is great to keep limber even if you have to sit all day. Do it before you head out the door to go home too.
  • People have found that even taking moderate walks during their breaks and using the stairs is especially good to get the heart pumping. One person found that after a walk up and down the stairs at break it took their metabolism 2 hours to return to it’s resting rate. This is good news for anyone who says they don’t have the time to exercise. Grab your coffee and hit the hallways, go outside if you can or climb the stairs if there are any.
  • Walking meetings can be a suggestion and if not walking then at least the option to stand during meetings. Meetings have actually been shown to be quicker and more productive if the participants stand.

Standing is far better than sitting but don’t stand all the time as it is just as hard on your body if not done properly and with the proper tools. if you don’t have a sit stand desk yet then you can test the standing work way with our incredibly affordable desks that are easy to move, allow you to keep your own desk, are sturdy and give you all the health benefits of standing and working.

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